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PeaZip Portable 6.2.0 Icon  PeaZip Portable 6.2.0

" Free, portable zip utility, open 7Z ACE ISO TAR RAR ZIP files (150+ formats) "

Publisher: Giorgio Tani
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Free 7Z CAB ISO RAR TAR ZIP file extractor, decompress 180+ archive formats
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Free ZIP files utility, open 7Z ACE ISO TAR RAR ZIP ZIPX archives (150+ formats)
Free ZIP software, extract RAR 7Z CAB ISO TAR ZIP ZIPX files, 150+ formats
Archive manager for Linux, extract RAR, 7Z, ACE, CAB, ISO, TAR, ZIP, ZIPX files
PeaZip Portable 6.2.0
PeaZip Portable is the ideal package when you want to use a free file archiver and compressor utility without modifying your system, either because you prefer natively portable software as replacement of installable software, or you need to bring it with you on an USB stick, or when you cannot modify the machine you are working on, or if you just want to try it without installing anything on the system: simply extract and use PeaZip, and simply d... [read more]
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